You cannot out give God. In all areas of resource (people, financial, time) we will have a generous spirit. We will always be looking for ways to invest wisely into individuals, ministries, and building the kingdom.


You belong here. At Lighthouse we want to be relevant, non-judgmental, relational, hospitable, welcoming, and safe. No matter where you are in your personal faith journey we are excited to get to know you and want you to feel at home at Lighthouse Church.


Quality, accountability, and efficiency are very important to us. God deserves the best and is on display in everything that we do.


Simplicity enables success. We are a mission driven church. What we do we will do well. We will focus on the people we are trying to reach over the people we are trying to keep.


The message of love, hope and life found in Jesus will never change, but our methods of communicating that truth will. Our Creator is creative and we must be open to the innovation of the Holy Spirit. Things may not always look the same as they do today. We are constantly learning and growing together.