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Lighthouse Bible College is a biblical higher education institution that exists to offer education and Christian leadership training to those passionate about God’s call on their lives. Our courses are taught by the most knowledgeable and anointed teachers in the nation, and the schedule has been designed with the working-family in mind.

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about lighthouse bible college

Lighthouse Bible College is a member of the Global Christian Life Educator’s Network (CLEN) and Christian Life School of Theology Global. CLEN is a world-wide network of church-based Bible schools and students with headquarters in Pensacola, FL.

 Christian Life School of Theology Global and CLEN have served thousands of churches and tens of thousands of students world-wide! It is the premier global provider of Christian higher education, programs and resources. 

Through Christian Life School of Theology Global and CLEN, Lighthouse Bible College offers a cutting edge theological education that is uniquely designed to meet your educational and training needs.

  For more information regarding Christian Life School of Theology and the

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$125 per course.


course layout

We offer one course (3 credit hours) per month. At the beginning of each month, you will receive your course materials. You will work through the assignments at your own pace. On the fourth weekend of every month, you are required to attend what we call the “3-Day Lecture Intensive”. This is 10 hours of lecture, where an instructor reviews the course material and teaches on the course topic. This is done via DVD presentation at Lighthouse. The “3-Day Lecture Intensive” happens on the 4th Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of every month (Sunday 5-9pm, Monday 6-9pm, and Tuesday 6-9pm).  After the intensive, you have 14 days to complete an open book, open notes final exam.

Registration Deadline and Payment Due: The 2nd of each month.

To get started, download and print the Student Registration Form and submit it to the church office.

New students may also want to request an Evaluation of Prior Learning Form for advanced standing with CLST Global.

Click HERE for the Lighthouse Bible College Student Manual and Course Catalog. 

For more questions, email Venus Smith.