Meetups are on a summer break.

They will resume August 27, 2019.

We know at a large church it can be challenging to find a more intimate setting to make friends.  That’s why we offer Meet Ups.  Lighthouse Meet Ups provide more than just something to do. They provide a place for you to share your experiences with others, a place to grow spiritually and relationally, and a place to connect and be cared for in a large, growing church.  

Both Women’s Meet Ups and Men’s Meet Ups take place every Tuesday night at 7pm. There are light snacks, plenty of hang out time, and a relaxing moment of reading and sharing God’s Word.

Where?  All Meet Ups are hosted at our Beachside Campus on Allison Ave.

Who? All Meet Ups are for men and women of high school age and older.

Childcare? Yes, Childcare will be provided during Meet Ups.